Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brazil: French luxury wants a piece of cake

On the occasion of the two-day visit to Paris of the Brazilian President, he will discuss the barriers of countries that heavily penalize the French luxury brands.
 Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is on a state visit to Paris two days on 11 and 12 December. On the agenda, perhaps a request from France to relax a little border barriers .

French luxury sector is waiting for it to deploy in force in Brazil, where the market does exist. Brazilians are increasingly fond of luxury. But they prefer to shop abroad. More than 60% of purchases of luxury goods are outside Brazil. In France, for example, Brazilian visitors coming in fourth position in terms of expenditure.

The luxury sector in Brazil generates two billion euros per year And because the barriers are so high in Brazil that the prices of luxury goods are 40-50% higher than in Europe. 
Add various taxes and varied constantly changing and you will understand that, like India, Brazil is far from being a paradise for the French luxury brands. However, they also would like to share. In Brazil, the luxury sector is € 2 billion, an increase of 20% per year for three years. French brands are best known for 20 years. Yet today, the Brazilian market represents only 2% of sales 75 luxury homes of the Comité Colbert, Baccarat Yves Saint Laurent, through Cartier and Vuitton.