Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shakira relist her villa to sell in Miami

We know, from the chronicles estate of which we often speak, that even for Vip times are not exactly rosy and that even millionaires must reckon with the market trend of the brick . It is news these days that Shakira has been forced to revise downward , albeit not by much, the price of the villa which has put on sale a year ago and that is still unsold.

 It is a veritable palace, certainly not from Gipsy , just 60 meters from the beaches of Miami , with outdoor swimming pool and private dock. The singer had bought the villa in 2001 for "only" $ 3.3 million and now its value was more than quadrupled. A year ago the demand was 14.5 million dollars , now it's down to 13. Of course the changes to the baseline condition were important and have broadened the ownership of approximately 160 square meters adding several bedrooms and bathrooms.

Today the house is larger than 900 square meters and has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. All the villa is paved with a fine light wood flooring laid in the kitchen. And the kitchen is the part of the house where you can see more than elsewhere, the desire not to miss anything since it is equipped just like that of a chef.
And if to justify spending so high this is not enough, then it is good to know that in North Bay, part of Miami Beach where is the house for sale, the neighborhood is more than respectable. A few steps from the beautiful villa, in fact, live two other international stars from the Latin blood as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin , and one of the most famous Hollywood actors, Matt Damon .