Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buying a private island becomes an affordable trend!

Rather than investing in a house or apartment as a second home, some individuals (and not just the wealthy) have decided to offer a dream island in the middle of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Focus on these novel properties that arouse envy.

During the last decade, the number of private flights to the islands has soared nearly 70%, according to NetJets airline. Behind this figure hides in fact a reality: the desire to disconnect from everyday life and find the gem, this unusual place that nobody knows.

This dream, Zuckerberg has done. Last year, the founder of social network Facebook has acquired 144 hectares of paradise island in the Hawaiian archipelago, to the tune of 52 million euros.

The young dad was visibly inspired by his classmates. In 2012, it was Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, who had already offered a piece of the same island, really coveted by the giants of American high tech.

Luxury portable Islands

In the same vein, a very different concept but please as much has emerged: to build five-star notebook islands around the world, delivered with sandy beach and coconut trees, and customized to the desires of the rich clientele.

Originally the project, the Dutch Paul van de Camp, CEO of Dutch Docklands. "The most fortunate buyers will take delivery a turnkey artificial island for a minimum of $ 8 million (€ 7.6 million), in one of the three tests of this new program destinations: the Maldives, Dubai and Miami, "said Le Parisien.

To stabilize the islands, which are connected to the seabed by cables, the architect has designed Koen Olthuis concrete floats. In ecological terms, the company still score points. "Underwater, the structure will revive corals and fish house" while in space, "the latest technology make these autonomous islands in energy," he said.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Second attempt: Pharell Williams sold his penthouse in Miami

Shrill, cool and airy: These are just some of the adjectives describing Pharrel Williams' Penthouse on Brickell Avenue. After the star-studded his pop art luxury Bude had to take last November due to lack of interest from the market, it is now to have back - and with a full discount.

Pharell Williams: Almost everything that the success spoiled superstar touches (here at the Academy
According to Curbed Miami Williams had the penthouse bought in 2007 at the height of the real estate boom for $ 12,520,000 and later offered for $ 16.8 million for sale. Two years was the chic penthouse on the market. However, despite the 9-foot ceilings, expensive pop art originals and the breathtaking, panoramic views found in this price no buyers.

Was it that the action of the neighbors on the floor came to the public under the UFO-shaped luxury home? Supposedly some water pipes were leaking - and shortly after Williams was drafted. The compared his two-storey palace then quite cool with a "fishbowl with limousine tint".

So, we would still like to move, at least if we had $ 10,990,000 left. So much will cost this time the round, two-story penthouse namely. It sits on top of the Bistrol Tower in Brickell, just off Biscayne Bay. By gently tinted windows, which extend from floor to ceiling, overlooks Virgina Key, South Beach and Downtown Miami. In addition, you can walk or cycle to walk to the Rickenbacker Causeway from the tower, which then leads directly to the beach at Key Biscayne. A real dream.

Alone the art to be the more than 800-square-foot penthouse decorated and at least partially sold to several million is likely to be worth. Among the originals are works by Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. In the nearly 500-square-meter terrace, a swimming pool invites you to swim on the rooftops of Miami. Other extras include a private cinema, beautiful wooden floors and a stylish Italian designer kitchen. The website The Selby allowed the star of his time proudly a photo tour of his apartment.

Pharrell, which lies at an estimated annual income of 32 million dollars to place 78 of the Forbes list for the highest paid celebrities, has now acquired a modern glass building dream home in Los Angeles. Cost: only $ 7.14 million.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Marc Anthony sold his upscale home for $ 4.3 million

The singer, who has already pocketed millions of dollars in recent months thanks to the real estate market, hopes to glean a few extra greenbacks. Like Tom Cruise that seems to liquidate its real estate, singer Marc Anthony is also very busy with the sale of several of its properties. The artist has just put on the market a house in Los Angeles for $ 4.35 million.

It is in the Tarzana neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, what then located the house of the singer. With a living area of ​​600 sqm, it comprises no less than five bedrooms, including a suite with a private terrace and a spacious dressing room. As for the bathroom, on the seven built in this house, it is equipped with a claw-foot bath above which sits a crystal chandelier! Home, new england style but the dimensions and very californiens viewpoints, has a large garden where one can find a swimming pool, spa, a stone fireplace and a bar and a huge stone barbecue to receive family and friends. Marc Anthony had bought the house in March 2015 to 4.125 million dollars.

The artist, who lives primarily in Miami, where he has launched a company specializing in the entertainment industry, has already sold a mansion in Encino in the year and an area in Long Island for nearly 10 million. What make ends me of the former husband of Jennifer Lopez and father of her children Max and Emme (7 years).

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Real estate: to afford an island in the US

Afford a slice of heaven from $ 400 000. The consulting firm real estate investment in the US My US Investment presents the island of Key Biscayne near Miami coastline.

Key Biscayne: the island paradise of Miami

Miami connected by the bridge since 1947 Rickenbacker Causewey, Key Biscayne Florida is the southernmost island.With its many outdoor activities as well as its remote villas of exceptions from the bustle of the metropolis, the market real estate of the island has suffered little from the crisis and remains a high-end market, according to consulting firm Investment in real estate My US Investment. Particularly popular with tourists and retirees, Key Biscayne or KB is structured around a village crested in the heart of the island, bounded by two natural parks, Crandon Park to the north and Bill Baggs Park to the south. Surrounded also many villages or neighborhoods such as Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest or Fort Lauderdale, this island has a differentiated properties in a north-south axis. The properties north of the island are in fact often more affordable than those of the southern districts, mainly affluent and historic.

At what price will offer a little piece of paradise

"Although construction on the island of Key Biscayne is limited, good opportunities of acquisition and investment remain possible. The local real estate market consists of luxurious hotels (Ritz Carlton), buildings of condominiums and many individual upscale properties, " said Victor Pagès, founder of My US Investment, Consulting firm in real estate investment in the United States. "Regarding prices, the range is very wide. We find, however, difficult goods less than 1 million. Conversely, among the most exceptional properties, we can detect properties of up to 60 million. "

For an investment on the island of Key Biscayne, My US Investment said that it is possible to find goods from: 
- $ 400,000 for 1 bedroom 
- $ 750,000 for 2 bedrooms 
- over $ 1.2 million for a house or a villa

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese are now going to Miami

Miami has its Little Havana and Little Haiti, a neighborhood known as Westonzuela and even the Venetian Islands. What lacks is a Chinatown.
Shan Jie Li wants to do something about it. The real estate developer in the city of Linyi in windy area of ​​northeast China, plans to transform the most populous metropolitan area in Florida, with its clean beaches and its tropical climate, a destination for Chinese property investors.
"We are thinking of bringing Miami to the new wave of wealthy and educated Chinese," Li said in a telephone interview with the help of a translator. "The environment in Miami invites a very nice lifestyle. Play golf and going to the beach are attractive important. "
While Miami recovery from the financial crisis was driven by South Americans who bought empty apartments, the city today lays eyes on Beijing to support growth. The Chinese have become one of the fastest growing segments among foreign buyers, according to the Association of Realtors of Miami, in a time when the weakening of the peso, the Brazilian real and the Russian ruble discourages investment other countries.
New Museums
From the most difficult times of crisis, when the rates of vacant properties in the city center rose to 60 percent, cranes returned to the horizon and property values ​​rose. A museum of modern art from US $ 131 million funded by Jorge Pérez, the billionaire owner of Related Group, opened in 2013; next is building a science museum, next to the waterfront of the Bay of Biscay.
Latin American buyers accounted for 62 percent of purchases in Miami last year, led by Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, according to the Association of Realtors. This helped lead the median home price to US $ 276,000 in December, up 54 percent compared with US $ 179,000 in late 2011, according to, a website properties.
"We have a significant number of Chinese buyers; yet less than 5 percent of the total, but growing, "Perez said. After giving a recent lecture to students at the University of Miami, Chinese parents of a student bought $ 20 million in real estate, he said.
"Russia had it been a good source of buyers, particularly in places near the beach, but now it is declining," he added. "I have no idea if the South Americans continue to buy as before."
Sales in Beijing
Armando Codina, chief executive officer of the real estate developer Codina Partners, wastes no time. He sent a representative to Beijing to bolster sales of its project Downtown Doral $ 1,000 million, northwest of Miami-Dade County.
"We are seeing an activity of Chinese buyers we had not expected," said Codina, born in Cuba. "The Chinese are enthusiastic about this project in two seconds, because they have seen the emergence cities of nowhere".
Shortage of noodles
If only there were more stores that sell noodles.
"There are not enough restaurants, supermarkets and Chinese in Miami spas", Li, director of American Da Tang Group, member of the State China Communications Construction Co. "These are challenges to overcome said. We include new restaurants and services that meet the tastes of Chinese as any other. "
However, there are still skeptics.
While the Chinese media have been promoting to Miami as a real estate destination -a publication said Chinese investors are "flooding" the city-, figures from the Association of Realtors show that still represent a fraction of purchases: 3 percent. The expansion in the second largest economy in the world is the slowest in 25 years.

The Most Expensive 15 Homes in The World -

The most expensive 15 homes in the world!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shakira relist her villa to sell in Miami

We know, from the chronicles estate of which we often speak, that even for Vip times are not exactly rosy and that even millionaires must reckon with the market trend of the brick . It is news these days that Shakira has been forced to revise downward , albeit not by much, the price of the villa which has put on sale a year ago and that is still unsold.

 It is a veritable palace, certainly not from Gipsy , just 60 meters from the beaches of Miami , with outdoor swimming pool and private dock. The singer had bought the villa in 2001 for "only" $ 3.3 million and now its value was more than quadrupled. A year ago the demand was 14.5 million dollars , now it's down to 13. Of course the changes to the baseline condition were important and have broadened the ownership of approximately 160 square meters adding several bedrooms and bathrooms.

Today the house is larger than 900 square meters and has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. All the villa is paved with a fine light wood flooring laid in the kitchen. And the kitchen is the part of the house where you can see more than elsewhere, the desire not to miss anything since it is equipped just like that of a chef.
And if to justify spending so high this is not enough, then it is good to know that in North Bay, part of Miami Beach where is the house for sale, the neighborhood is more than respectable. A few steps from the beautiful villa, in fact, live two other international stars from the Latin blood as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin , and one of the most famous Hollywood actors, Matt Damon .