Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Until 2020 Miami receive 10 billion investment

This is a historic moment for Miami. Between 2013 and 2020, 10 billion dollars of investment they are making in the new Miami New York will come from.

Daniel Rutois widely known possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of investing in what he considers the "new New York". Over 20 years ago, is in the business of real estate investments and believes they are today ripe for not only Latin, but more specifically the Argentines seeking real estate in this city a new horizon business savings or business aspirations. On their way through Mendoza met with Economic Environment to make clear some ideas about the possibilities of investing
in Miami.

What entices the investor today in the Florida real estate market?

This is a historic moment for Miami. Between 2013 and 2020, 10 billion dollars of investment they are making in the new Miami New York will come from. What happened in the 1950s with the boom of real estate investment in New York is going through right now in Miami. It is a very good investment opportunity
with a sound currency so I think that is a very good opportunity for Latin
America. To the one who knows the area where you will be this new megainversi├│n is Vizcaine street between the streets 32 and 42 The most important stores worldwide are being installed there.

But investing in Miami is not for everyone.
I can tell you I do homeland, because through the information you close to people, many of them working, I make sure to invest in something with a return
they will return to their country. Not all investments of half a million dollars, no investment of around $ 80,000. Many people even had an apartment in Buenos Aires or C├│rdoba and sold them to invest in Miami with excellent returns.

Was then the housing crisis of 2009 in the USA, there are still opportunities
in those properties that were withdrawn by the banks?

Between 2000 and 2005, many investors in Latin America made ​​a lot of money, it was the
housing boom, from 2006 the market fell and literally closed and allowed companies to invest in the USA. Only at the end of 2010 we started back representing many of the banks that took millions of homes for people who could not pay. Today there are still some of those properties, and while the price has gone up a bit not reach the price they had before the debacle.

If you have to recommend a real estate business, what would it be?

One has to go with the wave of the economy, and what is business right now is to acquire properties before they are built, what is known as "well"; many things they offer are not even on the market yet. There are customers who are making it a 15 to 18% annual returns. My advice is that today it is very difficult to fight against inflation and dollar in our country, and now
more than ever, you have two pesos to invest has to look not only to the United
States, may be to Chile or Brazil.

What nationality are the major real estate investors in Miami?

Many Russians, Brazilians and Argentines in the last two years, which are moving
preconstruction market.

In conclusion, why invest in Miami?

And where then? Even in America there is competition for Miami. Moreover, the United States reduced its oil imports by 70%, that's important, it's a country that continues to grow. The efficiency and legal certainty does not give other country in the world. Miami is the first city in the country with more tourism, any serious company is based in Miami, has 300 daily families who move to
Florida. There are many factors, and if someone decides to invest 10 billion something is.