Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buying a private island becomes an affordable trend!

Rather than investing in a house or apartment as a second home, some individuals (and not just the wealthy) have decided to offer a dream island in the middle of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Focus on these novel properties that arouse envy.

During the last decade, the number of private flights to the islands has soared nearly 70%, according to NetJets airline. Behind this figure hides in fact a reality: the desire to disconnect from everyday life and find the gem, this unusual place that nobody knows.

This dream, Zuckerberg has done. Last year, the founder of social network Facebook has acquired 144 hectares of paradise island in the Hawaiian archipelago, to the tune of 52 million euros.

The young dad was visibly inspired by his classmates. In 2012, it was Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, who had already offered a piece of the same island, really coveted by the giants of American high tech.

Luxury portable Islands

In the same vein, a very different concept but please as much has emerged: to build five-star notebook islands around the world, delivered with sandy beach and coconut trees, and customized to the desires of the rich clientele.

Originally the project, the Dutch Paul van de Camp, CEO of Dutch Docklands. "The most fortunate buyers will take delivery a turnkey artificial island for a minimum of $ 8 million (€ 7.6 million), in one of the three tests of this new program destinations: the Maldives, Dubai and Miami, "said Le Parisien.

To stabilize the islands, which are connected to the seabed by cables, the architect has designed Koen Olthuis concrete floats. In ecological terms, the company still score points. "Underwater, the structure will revive corals and fish house" while in space, "the latest technology make these autonomous islands in energy," he said.